As fall rolls in and the weather cools down, it’s time to fire up your furnace to fight off the chill. To make sure your equipment is at its best, both you and your local heating system service should do some routine maintenance. This will ensure your heater doesn’t break down right when you need it the most.

Fall Maintenance Tips

1. Change Your Filter

The air filter on your furnace keeps dust and debris out, reducing buildup in your heater and improving air quality. If you let your filter go too long without a change, it can block airflow and lead to a need for HVAC repair, so check your filter now and every few months throughout winter.

2. Pay Attention to Your Thermostat

If your home doesn’t stay at a comfortable temperature, your thermostat may be the problem. If it’s not detecting the correct temperature or sending the correct signals to your furnace, your home’s temperature is likely to be off the mark. If you notice this problem, call an electrician to check it out.

3. Schedule a Heating System Service

Each year, you should have your heater inspected and tuned-up to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency. By scheduling routine maintenance, you decrease the chance of any major problems cropping up.

4. Give It Some Air

Your furnace needs appropriate airflow to work correctly, not damage its fans, and avoid causing fires. If you’ve stored objects around your furnace over the summer, you need to move them before you use it for heating.

5. Check Your Smoke Alarms

Heating System ServiceAny appliance that runs on oil or gas has a risk of burning improperly and creating hazardous gasses. Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector are working and that their batteries are not dead.


By doing a little maintenance now, you can keep your furnace at its best during winter. Call your local HVAC technician today to schedule a visit. Stone Electric in Kiowa, OK, provides experienced electrical work and heating system services to the Greater McAlester area. They’re licensed, insured, and extremely efficient. To get in touch, call (918) 432-6312 or send a message online.