Gravel and sand are practical and economical options for your driveway. With proper care, driveways made of these materials can last for many years. However, when neglected, they can become a liability instead of a beautiful addition to your property. Thus, it’s important to learn the proper way of maintaining your gravel track. Ashcraft Sand & Gravel is a family-owned business that has been serving Cleves and the Tri-State area since 1977. With many years of experience in the field, they have become one of Ohio's leading sources of high-quality garden and construction supplies.

Here are four useful tips for maintaining your gravel driveway:

  • Rake Frequently: At least once a week, rake the leaves, debris, and dirt from your driveway. Raking your driveway on a regular basis will also help to keep its surface even.
  • gravel drivewayFill The Potholes: If potholes start to form in your driveway, don't just shovel gravel from one area to cover a weak spot. Widen the pothole, then fill in the holes with new gravel and compact the gravel as you go. Filling the track with fresh gravel is the best solution to the problem.
  • Ensure Proper Grading: Most problems with your gravel and sand driveways result from poor grading. To avoid potholes and washouts, make sure that the gravel at the center of your driveway is higher than the area surrounding it, and pack the gravel to make sure that the driveway is even.
  • Slow Down: You may not be aware of it, but your car’s speed can displace loose gravel and create weak spots on your driveway. Drive slowly to prevent ruts and thinning out of your track.

If you need sand, gravel, limestone, or crushed gravel for your driveway or garden, call Ashcraft Sand & Gravel at (513) 367-5700. You may also visit their website to view a comprehensive list of their products and services.