Mulch is essential for protecting your plants during hot summers and frigid winters, and there are many options from which to choose. While most people first think of bark and other kinds of organic mulch, gravel is an effective option that provides unique benefits. Ashcraft Sand & Gravel in Cleves, OH, offers it for a variety of applications and explains the advantages of gravel landscaping.

5 Reasons to Use Gravel Mulch

1. Keep Pests at Bay

Bark and straw mulch can attract pests like insects and rodents if you use too much or don’t replace it often. Organic mulch also can harbor fungus that will compete with your plants for moisture. Gravel mulch eliminates these concerns.

2. Control Soil Temperature

Gravel Cleves OHWithout mulch, your garden and trees are more vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. Hot sun can dry out plants quickly, even after you’ve just watered them. During the winter, roots can freeze if they’re not insulated. Gravel mulch provides a layer of protection to maintain a consistently moderate soil temperature.

3. Slow Erosion

If your garden or trees are on a hillside, they’re susceptible to erosion from wind and rain exposure. Gravel mulch provides a protective layer that stabilizes the soil to prevent deterioration.

4. Provide Longevity

Organic mulch can be blown by the wind or carried away by squirrels and chipmunks, so you must replenish it every year or two. You also should replace it every two years to limit fungus growth. Gravel mulch provides a long-term solution with less maintenance.

5. Reduce Rain Runoff

Excess rain runoff can damage your property — especially your house’s foundation — and pollute local waterways. Gravel reduces runoff by trapping water.

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