Whether your basement is the family game spot or a guest bedroom, choosing the proper flooring is a top priority. Basements are known to trap cold air and may have moisture issues. You’ll want a walking surface to accommodate the room’s unique environment. Consider the following flooring options and what factors can help ensure you’re picking the right one. 

What Flooring Types Are Best for Basements?


Available in planks or sheets, this type is ideal for basements because it’s easy to clean and maintain. In addition to providing long-term durability, today’s vinyl flooring also comes in a variety of colors, and some can mimic wood, tile, and other floor styles.

Vinyl flooring is generally waterproof. If moisture is an issue in your basement, you typically won’t have to worry about dampness damaging the floor. Even if unexpected flooding occurs, your basement floor can be mopped and dried without mildew concerns. 


flooringOne of the main benefits of carpet is it works well with a wide range of subfloors. It also has the flexibility to be installed on basement floors that have different levels and textures. Besides adding softness and warmth to the space, carpets can also be seamlessly installed on stairs leading to the basement.

Consider carpet if your basement is a theater room or guest room. Carpet absorbs sound better and makes a space feel cozy.  

Stained Concrete

Basements with high levels of moisture may benefit from utilizing the concrete as the flooring since it’s the most moisture-resistant option. It doesn’t require a subfloor, and it can be stained or acid etched to create a unique and beautiful look. 

Basements with concrete floors can be adapted for many uses, but concrete is especially suited for areas that will be used for weight lifting. Adding rubber squares or rolls atop concrete provides sound absorption and protective cushioning for weights. 


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