If you’re looking for a way to get in shape and learn self-defense at the same time, then Krav Maga could be the perfect sport for you. Taught at the premier martial arts academy in Scarsdale, New York, 914 Krav Maga, this form of self-defense training is challenging and exhilarating. Even though it was originally created by the Israeli Defense Forces and used by law enforcement agencies to protect citizens, it’s a ton of fun, too.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Krav Maga

Krav Maga Teaches You How To Protect Yourself 

One of the greatest advantages to learning this form of self-defense is that it will keep you alive in dangerous situations. From developing situational awareness to disarming an assailant, Krav Maga is useful for anyone who wants to stay safe. 

Krav MagaKrav Maga Has Been Adapted For Personal Fitness 

After it was successfully used in military units and special forces, people started recognizing the health benefits of practicing such an intense activity. At a facility like 914 Krav Maga, their experienced instructors will use the techniques found in the practice to get you toned and in shape.

Krav Maga Is For People Of All Sizes 

It doesn’t matter what your body type is—this type of martial arts can be practiced by anyone. In fact, all moves are designed to be completed by the smaller person in any situation, increasing your chances of fighting off a larger opponent.

To try out Krav Maga and find out why people around the world are picking up on this effective self-defense regimen, enroll in a class today. Call 914 Krav Maga at (914) 437-5353 to sign up, or visit their website to discover more about their instructors, classes, facilities, and martial arts calendar.