If you're planning a garage upgrade, you've undoubtedly come across the term "overhead door." You may have even heard it used interchangeably with the word “garage door.” However, the two aren't necessarily synonymous. To put it simply, an overhead door is a type of garage door, perhaps the most commonly installed one at that.

There are two basic types of overhead doors: sectional roll-ups and swing ups.

Sectional Roll-Up

olive branch mississippi mid south door company overhead doorIf you have a new door on your garage, it’s likely a sectional roll-up. These overhead doors are comprised of several horizontal panels attached by hinges on the inside frame. The entire door itself is connected to a track, which allows it to roll upward and into the garage. There are many design options available, from plain, wood-like exteriors to those resembling elegant carriage house doors.

Swing-Up Garage Doors

Sometimes referred to as “tilt-up” garage doors, swing-up overhead doors are a single, solid piece. Before sectional roll-up doors became common, these were quite popular and can still be found in many older homes. Instead of tracks, swing-up garage doors are pulled open by large springs. Because of their design, they can be cumbersome; whenever you open your garage, you must be mindful and maintain considerable distance while the door is being raised.

It's important to note there are other types of garage doors, including carriage house doors that swing outward like French doors, and doors that slide sideways. As more people utilize their garages for non-parking purposes, more design options are being made available. Just like any other home improvement and decorating choices, it all depends on what your needs may be.

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