Globe Shoes provide a valuable service to your feet, but ill-fitting shoes can cause a variety of problems, ranging from blisters to deformities. The footwear specialists at Globe Shoes in Paramus, New Jersey, say there are certain signs you should look for indicating your shoes are too tight.

Wider shoes are a solution many people often overlook, but because your feet spread out and change shape as you age, you should make sure you properly measure your feet at least once a year. Measuring devices can be found at the shoe store, and the associates can make sure you’re reading them correctly.

Aside from measuring your feet, you should watch for these symptoms you probably need wider shoes.

5 Signs You Need Wider Shoes

1. Bunions

A bunion is a noticeable bump on the big toe where it joins the foot. This bony projection is often sensitive to pressure and can be triggered by wearing shoes that are pointed, too narrow, or too tight. Left untreated, bunions can be extremely painful and will require surgery to correct.

2. Corns & Calluses

shoesCorns are hard, thickened patches of skin on the tops and sides of feet that are caused when the skin between your bones and shoes is squeezed repeatedly. Calluses can appear anywhere there is repeated friction. Shoes that don’t fit properly are a top cause of these annoying and painful ailments.

3. Blisters

Blisters are caused when the materials of your shoe rub against your foot. They cause the top layers of the skin to rub away and leave behind open wounds, which can become infected.

4. Hammer Toes

If your shoes are too narrow for your feet, your toes can begin to buckle into a claw-like condition known as hammer toes. Hammer toes will form at joints that bend, and your feet can become permanently deformed.

5. Discoloration of Your Toes

The tops of your toes can become discolored if your shoes feature a small toe box. Friction from too-tight shoes will cause this discoloration over time. The condition won’t go away unless you start wearing wider shoes.

If you suspect you might need a wide-width shoe, you’ll find a large selection for both men and women at Globe Shoes. Stop by the store, call (201) 843-6515, or browse their selection online.