Ordering food for your employees from a corporate caterer is a great way to bring people together in the office for a meeting, brainstorm, or casual luncheon. This type of catering is easy, convenient, and cost-effective, but you can often end up with a surplus of food at the end of the day. If this occurs, there is a variety of ways to manage the excess food and put it to good use. Check out a few smart ideas below.

One of the easiest ways to deal with extra food from a corporate caterer is by sending the food home with your employees. Encourage your team to bring plastic containers with them the day of the catered event so they can package up the remaining food. This is a great way to save your employees some money on groceries while also conserving leftover food from your function.

corporate catererHolding a “Best Leftovers” contest in the workplace is another creative way to use leftovers while incorporating an element of friendly competition. Have all employees who would like to participate bring home the leftover elements of a specific dish to repurpose into a whole new creation. Then, have the competitors bring their culinary experiments in the next day at lunch for other employees to taste and evaluate. No matter who wins the contest, everybody gets to enjoy tasty, reinvented dishes and another chance for employee bonding.  

You can also research local charities in your region and see if you’re able to donate the food from a corporate caterer to them. Not all charities allow food donations due to liabilities, so be thorough in your hunt. You should be able to find a nonprofit in your area that accepts food donations, just be sure to call and confirm before dropping off the supplies.


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