Your garage door protects the largest entryway into your home and plays a significant role in its exterior appearance. Unfortunately, with all the moving parts overhead doors contain and their constant exposure to the elements, it’s possible for them to become damaged or malfunction in several ways. As such, proper garage door maintenance is key for keeping your investment looking and operating its best. Here are some tips to ensure your door stays in good condition.

How to Take Care of Your Garage Door 

1. Perform Regular Inspections

Examine your door regularly for signs of cracking, rotting, and worn or broken parts. Pay special attention to the springs, roller brackets, bolts, and other hardware. These components can loosen over time and will need to be tightened. Also, look for dust and debris in the track, cleaning it out when necessary. 

2. Lubricate Moving Parts  

garage door maintenance

As with anything mechanical, the moving parts on your garage door must be kept well-lubricated. This includes the springs, hinges, chain or drive screw, rollers, and track. Use a lubricant that the manufacturer recommends for best results. Lubrication will prevent rusting and ensure smooth operation.

3. Check the Balance 

An essential part of garage door maintenance is ensuring the tension springs remain balanced. If they don’t, the garage door opener will wear out sooner because it has to work harder when the door is in motion. Check the balance once a month by pulling the release handle and manually lifting the door halfway. If it's correctly balanced, it will stay in position. If not, you’ll need a professional to adjust the springs.

4. Test Safety Features 

It’s crucial to conduct monthly safety inspections. This involves testing the mechanisms that keep your garage door from closing when a person or object is in the way. To test the safety sensors, place an item in the center of the opening and try closing the door. If working correctly, it shouldn’t close. To test the automatic-reverse feature, put an object under the door and try shutting it. If the system is working, it will automatically open again upon reaching the object.


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