While cooking meals is a staple activity in most households, there are several compelling reasons to place an order from your favorite restaurant every so often. Takeout isn't just a fun break for your family, as it could also be beneficial for your career, mental health, and community.

The Perks of Ordering Takeout

1. Get Ahead on Work

People often skip extra work because they have to get home and make dinner. However, by ordering takeout once a week, you can stay late to take care of additional projects, network with your coworkers, or return emails you've been putting off. Designate your busiest workday each week to being "take out night," so you don't have to worry when your tasks pile up.

2. Indulge a Craving

restaurantWhile it can be tricky to control portion sizes and calorie counts when ordering from a restaurant menu, studies have shown that indulging a little can be an essential part of healthy eating. Strict, ongoing calorie deprivation is often a recipe for bingeing later, while "legalizing" some food choices and enjoying them once in a while could help you stay on track. As a bonus, enjoying a delicious meal that you didn't have to prepare can lower your stress levels and help you bond with family and friends as you dine together.

3. Support Local Businesses

Locally owned restaurants and businesses can't stay open if customers don't come. By deciding to order takeout from a restaurant once a week, you can rest assured that you're doing what you can to keep those locals in business.


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