When dining at an Italian restaurant, you can't go wrong with a seafood dish. From omega-3 fatty acids to calcium and iron, this food group contains vital nutrients that keep you healthy. To understand why you should incorporate more seafood in your diet, learn more about a few of the health benefits below.

What Are the Health Benefits of Seafood?

1. Prevent Heart Disease

By eating eight ounces of seafood each week, you’ll lower your odds of dying from heart disease by 36%. That’s because the omega-3 fatty acids, or unsaturated fats, in fish stop inflammation that damages blood vessels. The fatty acids also help combat high blood pressure.

2. Reduce Depression

Italian restaurantOrdering seafood dishes more often when dining out at your favorite Italian restaurant can help boost your spirits in the long-run. That’s because the omega-3 PUFA in seafood has been found to reduce symptoms of depression. The anti-inflammatory capabilities of omega-3 fatty acids can also prevent inflammation changes in the brain that trigger depressive episodes.

3. Avoid Cognitive Decline

Ordering seafood at an Italian restaurant can keep your mind sharp as you age. The impact omega-3 fatty acids have on lipids, vascular function, inflammation, and thrombosis can fight vascular dementia and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


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