A calzone is a quintessential Italian food, though it isn't necessarily as popular as pizza is. However, these cheesy pockets of goodness are still tasty all year-round and offer some perks that simple slices just can't. Here are some benefits of digging into these doughy entrees.

Why Should You Order a Calzone?

1. Customization Options

Calzones have endless topping combinations. You can also use more toppings for calzones than pizzas because they have tops to hold everything inside. Opt for decadent ricotta and mozzarella cheese or select chicken, ham, and pepperoni. You can also add veggies such as tomatoes and bell peppers, or make the meal aromatic with basil and rosemary.

2. Warm Delivery

Pizza often cools between the restaurant and your door. However, the calzone dough acts as an insulator that holds the heat from the cheeses and meats to ensure it stays warm from the oven to your plate.

3. Easy Reheating

Italian foodCalzones are large and hearty meals. If you want to have leftovers later, stash the cooled portion in a container and place it in the fridge. Those who like crunchy crust should reheat calzones in the oven, so they'll retain their golden flakey exteriors. If you microwave the leftovers, expect the dough to soften because of the moisture in the sauce.

4. Various Eating Styles

Some people bite into their calzones like a sandwich, whereas others prefer to use a knife and fork, cutting the dish into pieces before eating small bites. This meal is also more portable than pizza, so you can eat it on the go with just a napkin and not worry about dripping oils or losing toppings.

5. Many Dipping Sauces

With a calzone, you can choose exactly how much sauce you enjoy with each bite. You can also opt for standard marinara or cheese sauce, or go for something more unique, such as Ranch dressing, hot sauce, or barbecue. Ask for the sauces on the side so you can mix and match.


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