Meat lovers know that pizza isn't complete without at least one protein-packed topping. Meat adds extra nutrients to your meal and tastes great, so don't be afraid to pack it on. Here are just some delicious options to try the next time you order pizza.

What Are Some of the Best Meat Toppings?

1. Chicken

The light, versatile flavor of chicken makes it a popular topping choice. It fits well with almost any combination of toppings, from simple marinara and cheese to white sauce with fresh vegetables. Chicken also pairs well with other sauce-alternatives, such as pesto and buffalo sauce, for a unique pie.

2. Bacon

Flavor-packed bacon is an excellent choice for a meat-topped pizza. With its distinct smoky and salty flavor, bacon matches well with pineapple and white cheese, which are light and sweet. Bacon is also a common addition to meat lover's pizza since it provides some nice contrast to the spicy taste.

3. Pepperoni

pizzaIt's no surprise that pepperoni is one of the most common pizza toppings. Pepperoni is generally a mixture of pork and beef seasoned with paprika and chili pepper. With its salty, spicy flavor, this option goes well with melted cheese and marinara sauce.

4. Sausage

Sausage is a highly versatile meat because the spices used to prepare it can change the flavor significantly. Given pizza's origins in Italy, Italian sausage is a common choice as a topping. Finish off this pizza with peppers, cheese, and marinara sauce, or add bacon to give it some extra smokiness.

5. Beef

Beef is a common component of cheeseburger pizza, which includes pickles, onions, and American cheese. Like chicken, beef is a blank slate that can be seasoned in many different ways. It’s also lean and filled with protein, so it’s a healthy choice as far as toppings go.


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