If you are an avid TV watcher looking to upgrade your service to satellite, choosing the right satellite installation option is vital. It could mean the difference between spotty service with missing channels and quality service with all channels available right at your fingertips. Before you call your local service provider, the experts at Sunshine Satellites in Foley, AL, share with you why you should call an independent satellite installer directly.

3 Reasons to Call a Satellite Installer Directly

You Have Been Told You Can’t Get Line of Sight at Your Location

Satellite InstallationThere is nothing more frustrating than waiting all day for an installer from the service provider to show up just to hear the dreaded words, “Sorry, there’s no line of sight.” An independent installer, on the other hand, will go out of the way to help you get service. They will perform a site survey and work with you to find other options for installation.

Something’s Wrong & You Need Help Immediately

When you need help right away, you probably don’t want to sit through countless help menus on the telephone with a customer service representative. Often, they don’t have the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot satellite issues effectively. Letting an independent installer perform your installation gives you a direct line to someone who knows your system intimately. They will help you with an issue much quicker than a service provider.

You Live in an Apartment Complex With Strict Rules

Most apartment complexes have strict rules on traditional satellite installations. A reputable installer will work with you to find other creative ways to get the installation done in a matter suitable for both you and your landlord.

Call a professional satellite installer who is dedicated to getting your service up and running quickly, correctly, and professionally. As Foley’s premier satellite installation experts, Sunshine Satellites is ready to take your TV enjoyment to the next level with their full range of services, including satellite installation, satellite repair, and internet services. Call them at (334) 794-3727 to discuss your options. You can also visit them online to learn more about their services.