Custom painting is a popular customization option that will make your car stand out from the crowd. Some custom paint jobs take longer than others depending on the amount of detail work involved, but in the end, the jaw-dropping results will be worth the wait. To help you decide which custom painting job to choose for your vehicle, review the following list.

5 Types of Custom Painting Jobs for Cars

1. Metallic

custom paintingA metallic finish is achieved by mixing a small amount of metal powder into the all-over pigment. Auto body technicians use varying amounts and types of metal powder to produce different effects, but the most common element is aluminum. Metallic paints can vary in sparkle size and type depending on the look you’re going for. When light hits the specks of metal, the coat will sparkle and give your car a unique sheen.

2. Pearlescent

Unlike metallic finishes, pearlescent paint gives your vehicle a colored shine. Custom painting experts mix a transparent coloring agent into the pearl base to give your car an even glimmer. This can be performed in either two or three stages. During the two-stage process, a pearl base is applied and cured for an added level of shine. In the three-stage process, body paint specialists use a pearl base, a pearl coat, and a protective coat to keep your ride looking radiant for longer.

3. Matte

While you may assume matte paint is just a solid color without a clear coat, the final coat is what gives this technique its flat finish. The clear coat contains dimples and divots that deflect light, giving your car a smooth and satiny appearance. This custom paint job is often chosen for luxury vehicles.

4. Color-Changing Paint

Also known as chameleon paint, this paint job changes in color depending on the viewing angle and light source. During the three-stage painting process, a non-reflective base is applied before a layer of pearl paint. Once dried, a protective coating is added for a glossy finish and all-over protection.

5. Flame Paint

To achieve this design, auto body experts start with a thin, even base coat. Once the base coat has dried, they stencil in or hand draw the flame design before coloring it in with different shades to add dimension. The last step is to buff the surface and apply a protective layer to the whole design.


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