When it’s raining, the roads can quickly become slippery, and it’s harder for drivers to see through their windshields. The heightened risk of skidding and poor visibility increases the risk of accidents and the need for auto repairs. To stay safe in inclement weather, use these tips when driving in the rain. 

How Can You Drive Safely in the Rain?

1. Increase the Following Distance

As soon as it starts to drizzle, increase the amount of space between your car’s hood and the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of you. If you leave enough space, you should have five or six seconds to come to a full stop if the car ahead brakes suddenly. Trying to brake too quickly, such as within two or three seconds, will cause your car to lose traction on the asphalt and skid.

2. Keep Your Brights Off

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The raindrops act like hundreds of small mirrors, reflecting light in multiple directions. Therefore, turning on your high-beam headlights will produce an unnecessary amount of light. In fact, the glare may even prevent nearby drivers from seeing at all. Instead of decreasing visibility, use your standard, low-level headlights in the rain. These lights will continue to illuminate the road before you without producing an overwhelming flare.

3. Prepare for Hydroplaning

In hazardous situations, it’s important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. While the tips above should help you stay safe, there is always a chance of hydroplaning when driving in the rain. This problem causes your car to skid, which can lead to you spinning into neighboring lanes. If you find yourself in this startling situation, remember to turn the steering wheel forcefully in the direction you want to go in. While it may take a few seconds, your wheels should eventually regain their grip on the road so you can stop spinning and get back on track.


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