Trees are an important part of landscaping for a home or business, but there are some instances when it’s best to remove them from your property. The landscaping specialists at Columbia Tree & Lawn Service offer tree removal and other services for residents in Howard County, Maryland, and its surrounding communities. They recommend removing trees that are dead or diseased to protect the rest of your yard and property. Here are a few reasons why.


Diseased trees can spread bacteria and viruses to other plants and trees, not only in your yard, but in your entire neighborhood. Removing them can keep an infection at bay.

Property Damage

When trees begin to die, their structures become unstable due to rot or disease. They could collapse and cause serious damage to people, homes, and other properties. If storms blow through, they could easily fall and impact anything around them.


tree removalTrees that are diseased or dying tend to attract insects that feed on the rotten wood and nest there, causing further damage. Eventually, those ants, termites, beetles, and other pests can make their way to your home or nearby structures.

Curb Appeal

If you have plans to sell your property, diseased or dying trees can affect the way potential homebuyers feel about buying it. If you maintain other aspects of your landscaping, you’re also counteracting the look of your yard by not hiring a tree removal company to take away dead trees.


If branches from a dying or diseased tree fall onto a neighbor’s property, you’re liable for any damage they might cause. Branches are weakened and prone to falling from unhealthy trees.

Don’t let a diseased or dying tree impact your landscaping. If you need tree removal services, call Columbia Tree & Lawn Service at (410) 740-5444 to get a free estimate. You’ll also find a complete list of the services offered by visiting their website.