Although a thick blanket of snow can make your winter landscape look picturesque, the heavy powder, frigid temperatures, and dry air can do serious harm to the trees in your yard. During the winter, your trees could experience pest issues, sunburns, and weakened roots. Here is a guide to common tree problems you should keep on your radar this winter and how a tree service specialist can help.

Common Problems That Can Affect Your Trees This Winter

1. Dehydration

Extremely low temperatures can cause the ground to freeze. When this happens, it’s difficult for tree roots to get the moisture they need to survive. Curling leaves or brown needles are signs of winter drought. When a tree’s roots dry out, it also becomes more difficult for it to absorb moisture and nutrients once the soil thaws in the spring. Because the tree is under stress, it becomes harder to ward off pest infestations. A tree service technician can apply organic mulch to the ground around the trunks of your trees, which helps prevent dehydration.

2. Sunburn

Tree bark is essentially the skin of a tree. Jessup-Maryland-tree-serviceOnce temperatures drop, the sun’s heat can cause the bark and underlying tissue to freeze. This kills live tissue, causing sunburn in trees. Cracks and dark brown spots on bark are common signs of sunburn. Trained technicians can examine the damage on your trees to determine whether they can be saved or if tree removal is necessary. To prevent sunburn on young trees, you should have a tree service specialist put tree wraps around the trunks before winter arrives.

3. Frost Heaving

During winter, melted snow and ice seep into the ground. When the water freezes, it expands and shifts the soil. This movement could cause tree roots to lift out of the earth, weakening the entire tree. Tree service technicians can insulate the soil with mulch to reduce the likelihood of this happening.


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