Your vehicle is entirely reliant on its battery to operate. Since you use an automobile on a daily basis, keeping its car battery in top condition is imperative to your everyday life. To help maintain and improve its life span, Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair based in Kalispell, MT, shares their top secrets.

How to Maintain Car Batteries

1. Avoid Short Drives

car batteriesA quick, five-minute trip to the grocery store may seem convenient to you. However, to car batteries, it is stressful. This is because the alternator needs a minimum amount of time to properly charge the power source. If you are planning to go out for the day, plan on including a variety of errands to keep your vehicle moving. This allows it to fully recover during the trip and prevent premature wear.

2. Wipe It Down

Cleanliness does not only affect appearance. That is why you should take the time to wipe down and clean off the area on and around your car batteries. Use a paper towel or a rag once every few months to clear dirt, grease, and spills in the area. Any debris layered on top will act as an insulator. This could cause the battery to overheat and potentially shorten its life span.

3. Keep It Secure

If it’s not properly fastened down or becomes loose over time, your battery is at risk of vibrating during drives. If this occurs, the motion could potentially cause internal damage or short circuits. Not only will this create an unreliable vehicle, but it will also reduce the overall life of the unit. Whenever you’re cleaning it, always check to ensure it is securely fastened so as not to give it any wiggle room.

Maintain car batteries with these simple steps. If you are looking for professional car maintenance, visit Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair. Located in Kalispell, MT, they are the go-to auto repair team in the area. With a highly-skilled staff, they specialize in engine repair, tire alignment, brakes, and overall car diagnostics. For more information, visit their website or call (406) 755-0234 today.