You might not think about your car's transmission all that often, but it's one of the most important engine parts. It delivers power to the wheels to help you maintain the proper speed, shifting the gears to speed up or slow down. If the transmission fails, your car may not move at all, so taking care of it with regular tuneups and careful driving will keep you on the road. 

How to Keep the Car's Transmission Working Properly 

1. Check the Fluid 

Transmission fluid helps provide power to the internal components. If there is a leak or something is contaminating the fluid, it will eventually fail. Your mechanic will check the levels during a tuneup or as part of an oil change service, but you can also check it yourself. 

tune up

The dipstick is clearly marked on the engine; simply pull it out, read the fluid level, and check the appearance. The fluid should be bright red and sweet-smelling, so if it looks dirty or smells unpleasant, make an appointment for service right away. 

2. Follow Service Recommendations 

Most vehicles require a transmission flush and new fluid every 15,000 miles, or once a year. Check your vehicle owner's manual for specific recommendations for this service and tuneup. 

3. Take Care of the Tires

If you get a flat tire, have it repaired or replaced right away instead of driving on the spare. Driving on mismatched tires, or improperly inflated ones, can put extra strain on the transmission and lead to a malfunction. Check your tire pressure weekly to prevent a blow-out and replace them when the tread gets too worn. 

4. Be Gentle When Driving 

If you have an automatic transmission, avoid shifting gears before coming to a complete stop to prevent transmission damage. Being gentle with your brakes can also preserve the transmission. Use the parking brake when parked on an incline and avoid driving with your foot on the brake pedal to prevent stressing the transmission. 


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