The summer is the worst time for your car’s air conditioner to call it quits. The metal tube is like a magnet for the sun’s rays and on some days can heat the interior to 150 degrees or more, which is an incredibly dangerous situation to remain in for too long. Fortunately, car AC repair is pretty straightforward as it’s often one of the following issues that causes the system to stop working.

Why Isn’t Your Car’s Air Conditioner Working?

1. Refrigerant Leak

As warm air is cycled into the air conditioning system, it passes over the cool refrigerant—which absorbs that heat. The chilled air then flows into your cabin vents to keep you comfortable. When a refrigerant leak occurs, this cooling ability is compromised, and your interior air will slowly start to get increasingly warmer.

The problem with these leaks is that they can occur anywhere throughout the system, including a damaged hose, loose gasket, or loose connection. Having a car AC repair technician fully inspect the system is the quickest way to identify the leak and correct the problem.

2. Failing Compressor

car a/c repair

Right before air passes into the vehicle’s cabin, it passes over cool refrigerant lines to transfer out any heat. From here, the now heated refrigerant moves to the compressor, where it is compressed into a high-pressure liquid state before passing through the high-pressure lines into the condenser. 

At this point, cooling fans will blow air coming from outside the vehicle over the line to absorb the heat. This allows it to move into a low-pressure gaseous state and ready to absorb more warm air.

Without the compressor, the refrigerant cannot move from a gaseous to a liquid state. As a result, the air can’t be cooled. Unfortunately, this can be caused by several issues, ranging from low refrigerant to a damaged radiator. Schedule car AC repairs immediately for a fast solution.

3. Broken or Blocked Condenser

The condenser is typically located toward the front of the car’s engine, so air coming in at the grill can effectively enter it. Occasionally, leaves, dirt, and other debris can block the fins on the outside of the part or puncture the metal. 

While both issues will leave you with warm or hot air, the first problem can be easily rectified. The latter issue, however, will often result in failure, and you’ll need a car AC repair professional to replace the condenser.


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