Many drivers understand that tire alignment is part of routine vehicle maintenance, but not everyone is aware that it’s also a critical safety practice. Having your tires at the proper angle and position determines how well your car handles on the road and how much control you have while driving. Below are some important facts about this tuneup service. 

What Does Tire Alignment Do?

The purpose of a tire alignment is to make sure all four tires make contact with the road at the same angle to maximize traction. The mechanic will need to adjust your vehicle’s suspension since this structure holds the wheels in place. 

Why Is It Relevant to Safety?

If the wheels are out of alignment, then it will be more difficult to steer your car. Since there is an imbalance between the tires, the vehicle may not respond the way you expect it to when turning, creating a serious safety hazard. 

How Does This Relate to Tire Condition?

tire alignment Kalispell MTMisaligned wheels can be dangerous because the tire wear is unevenly distributed depending on which side receives more pressure. If the treads on the affected side degrade enough, the tires are more likely to blow out. 

When Should I Have My Wheels Adjusted?

Tire alignments should be performed about every 10,000 miles, though you should check the owners manual for a more specific recommendation. If you notice any changes in your steering ability or you believe the tires are wearing out faster than they should, ask the mechanic to check the suspension.


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