When you use your vehicle to earn money, you travel more miles than usual and possibly wear out your car earlier. Regular maintenance and immediate repairs for problematic parts are crucial. Some technicians will conduct car diagnostics to identify your vehicle’s specific problems and determine the right repair work. But as a responsible rideshare driver, you’ll also need to know when to visit an auto shop.

What’s the Best Maintenance Schedule for Rideshare Drivers?

Check your manuals first, as they suggest maintenance schedules based on your car’s model. There are also available schedules online with exact timetables, which is usually based on the number of miles you have driven.

car diagnosticsFor example, oil changes and transmission fluid checkups might be done every 5,000 miles, tire rotation and spark plug tests every 6,000 miles, and full brake and air-conditioning system inspections every 12,000 miles. For the best performance, make weekly checkups on your tire pressure, engine oil level and condition, lights, and windshield wiper fluid. However, do not wait for a specific date to get a schedule for car diagnostics if you are experiencing issues with your vehicle.

Why Should You Follow the Scheduled Car Maintenance?

Exposing your vehicle to extreme weather conditions, as well as frequent brake applications and short drives, can wear out and damage the engine, transmission, and braking system, among other parts. And not addressing these issues quickly will only make them worse, which can put your car out of commission for days.

Identifying specific issues through car diagnostics and scheduled maintenance, however, will keep you on the road for a longer time, enabling you to earn more from driving. Moreover, your vehicle will be better prepared for its annual inspection by taking these measures.


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