Most vehicle manufacturers recommend going to a tire alignment specialist every two or three years or if the alignment is off. Since this task is less frequent than oil changes, many people forget about it. Here are five reasons to add tire alignment to your maintenance must-dos. 

Why Are Tire Alignments Important?

1. Promoting Even Wear Patterns

Over time, the camber or angles that tires attach to the suspension system can change due to wear, running over obstacles, or getting in an accident. This adjustment will wear on the tire treads. Realigning the wheels will ensure everything wears evenly and lasts for years.

2. Encouraging Control

Vehicles with correct tire alignment will make the most contact with the road, avoiding issues like sliding on ice or hydroplaning in wet conditions. You’ll lose control over time as the treads wear down and the tires change camber or no longer sit square with one another.

Drivers may notice they have more control of the car after an alignment appointment because every inch of the tread is touching the ground while in motion, allowing them to steer as efficiently as possible.

3. Improving Gas Mileage

tire alignment Kalispell MTMany drivers realize they need a tire alignment appointment when they feel the car pulling to one side. This issue causes the tires to rotate more frequently than if they were making full contact with the road. The engine works harder to move the car when the tires aren’t aligned, so you may get lower gas mileage if you skip these appointments.

4. Creating a More Pleasant Ride

If the tires are off-camber or angled differently, you may feel like the vehicle is running over gravel or an uneven surface. Smooth out the ride by aligning the tires to ensure they are parallel across the axles and from one axle to the next. This change will limit stress on the suspension and engine, making sure the car is in top shape for years.

5. Easing the Transition to Different Tires

Many Montana residents use snow tires during the winter and all-season models during the summer to handle the different road conditions. Drivers must align their tires when installing new ones to ensure they can control the car and gain lower gas mileage than if the tires are installed without alignment in mind.


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