Now that summer has arrived, your car will be working overtime to ensure your safety while commuting and taking road trips. With outdoor temperatures rising, it’s important to schedule a tuneup so your car or truck is prepared for these extreme conditions. Beyond maintenance needs, like oil changes, here are a few symptoms engine repair experts want you to take note of to prevent overheating. 

4 Signs Your Car Is Overheating

1. Strange Noises

When your engine reaches high temperatures, oil has difficulty properly lubricating components as the consistency becomes closer to water. As a result, you may hear ticking or thumping sounds as you drive.

Pay attention to these noises since a lack of lubrication can lead to erosion and equipment damage that requires extensive engine repairs in the future.  

2. Temperature Gauge

Kalispell-Engine-RepairNext to your fuel gauge and speedometer, your dashboard also features a temperature gauge. When driving in hot weather, pay attention to this reading. If it goes into the red zone, pull over and call an engine repair shop for an inspection. 

3. Poor Engine Performance

As temperatures within your engine become unmanageable, performance will ultimately suffer. An inability to accelerate quickly or maintain desired speeds coupled with odd burning smells mean it’s time to pull over and give your vehicle time to cool down. 

4. Coolant Leaks & Steam

Coolant fluid helps manage temperatures under the hood of your car. If you notice coolant leaking from underneath your vehicle, it means the engine ran hot and caused coolant to boil over and into the overflow system.

Should this process repeat, the overflow tank and hose will leak onto the ground. This situation can also create steam that rises from the hood as this liquid boils.


If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms noted above, you can depend on the engine repair experts at Kalispell Alignment & Auto Repair for immediate assistance. Known throughout Kalispell, MT, and its surrounding areas, this team of ASE-certified mechanics boasts 25 years of experience helping local drivers. To schedule a complete vehicle diagnostic or a simple oil change, call today at (406) 755-0234. For more information on their services and overall commitment to friendly, efficient work at fair and honest rates, visit them online.