High-mileage vehicles are more prone to auto repairs than those right off the lot. However, with regular maintenance and checkups, you can easily add another 100,000 miles or more to your car. Here are some helpful tips to keep your vehicle running for several more years.

How to Care for a Car With a Lot of Mileage

1. Create a Service Schedule

By now, your car is probably no longer under warranty, so it is up to you to remember when to have it serviced. Use your owner’s manual to determine how long or how many miles before you should bring it for a tuneup. 

At around 120,000 miles, expect to start replacing worn parts like spark plugs, overrunning alternator decoupler pulleys, oxygen sensors, the air conditioner compressor clutch, belt tensioner, and fuel filter. Being prepared for these auto repairs will prevent unexpected breakdowns.

2. Swap to High-Mileage Oil

auto repairAt around 75,000 miles, your engine has probably experienced some wear. High-mileage motor oil contains special detergents, antioxidants, and additives that clean out engine grime and sludge and help to reduce friction and subsequent wear and tear.

They also contain seal conditioners that cause the oil to expand and lubricate old seals, so they are less likely to leak, reducing future oil consumption and engine wear caused by low oil levels.  

3. Increase Tire Alignment Frequency

As a vehicle gets older, the wheels and suspension should be aligned more often to keep a close eye on the bushings and springs. These parts absorb the turbulence shock when the vehicle is driving down the road.

If they are worn out, the car can become more difficult to control, and the ride will grow increasingly uncomfortable and dangerous. It also leaves surrounding metal parts unprotected and can cause them to fail prematurely.

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