Blowouts are among the most common problems that can occur while operating a vehicle. Though often unsettling, there are several ways to ensure your safety, and your car likely has a spare tire that you can install to get back on the road quickly. Below, you’ll learn more about how to handle blowouts and when to have an auto repair team replace the spare with a full-sized tire.

What to Do When You Have a Blowout

One of the most common causes of blowouts is under-inflation. When the tire pressure falls beneath the psi recommended by the manufacturer, the rubber over-flexes. This generates excessive heat that weakens the tire and causes it to suddenly fail. When blowouts occur, you may notice a popping noise followed by vibrations, and your vehicle will pull to one side or another.

Maintain control by gripping the steering wheel firmly and turning it in the opposite direction of the pulling to maintain a straight trajectory. If you press on the brakes, they will add pressure and weight to the damaged tire, which worsens the swerving and could cause an accident.

auto repairAllow the vehicle to gradually decelerate without braking, and gently pull over to the side of the road. Replace the blown-out tire with the spare, located beneath the trunk’s floor panel or on the back hatch.

How Long You Can Drive on a Spare

Most spares are “donuts,” named for their compact and lightweight design. These tires are meant to be temporary since they have little to no tread, resulting in poor contact with the roads and increased likelihood of losing control.

Additionally, their small size cannot support the weight of vehicles for extended periods of time. Since donuts are lighter than normal tires, they spin faster, causing them to wear down more rapidly. Minimize the risk of accidents and collisions by driving no more than 50 miles on a spare before hiring an auto repair team to replace it with a full-sized tire. 


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