In the hot summer months, you rely on your sprinkler system to keep your lawn hydrated and thriving. However, grass seedlings go dormant in the cooler months, and you no longer need to water your lawn. To preserve your irrigation system and avoid damage when freezing temperatures arrive, you should have it drained before winter—a process known as blowing out. The following guide highlights how it works and why it's necessary.

Why You Should Have Your Sprinkler System Blown Out

Winterizing your sprinkler system by blowing it out will extend its longevity. If moisture is left in the lines and the temperature drops, the water may freeze. It will expand in the process, placing pressure on the sprinkler lines and causing fissures or breakage. The sprinkler system will then lack pressure, and water will leak into the ground, which is wasteful—and a surefire way to increase your utility costs.

How a Sprinkler System Is Blown Out

The blow-out process involves draining excess water from the lines by closing the backflow valves while using an air compressor to gradually force the remaining water out via the sprinkler heads. A zoned approach is required to ensure the lines are fully cleared. As each sprinkler head runs dry, it can be shut off until the entire irrigation system is drained. Once the compressor is disconnected, any pent-up air pressure in the system is released via the manual drain valves or backflow device. All valves can then be closed and the system shut down for winter.


Incorrectly blowing out a sprinkler system can cause a dangerous buildup of air pressure that may damage the lines or cause injury. It's best to leave this job to a professional who has the tools and expertise to do it correctly. However, you can help expedite the process by preparing accordingly. First, know where the main shut-off valve is for your irrigation system's water supply since the team will need to access it. Additionally, remove any obstacles on the lawn that could impede access to the sprinkler heads, like garden furniture or kids' toys.


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