Weed control is a critical part of a comprehensive lawn care regimen. Weeds compete with other plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil. They're often unsightly, ruining the aesthetically pleasing lawn you've worked so hard for. Identifying aggressive weeds is the first step in taking action against them. Here's a roundup of Ohio's common weeds.

What Aggressive Weeds Must Ohioans Tend With?

1. Crabgrass

The name may be confusing, but crabgrass is considered a weed and should be carefully differentiated from the other grass in your lawn. Crabgrass stands out for its thick, broad blades and tough stalks. It tends to grow in clumps, with blades shooting out from a single knot of roots. This fast-spreading weed can produce up to 75,000 weeds per season from a single crabgrass plant.

2. Chickweed

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This invasive weed is one of the most common types of weed in grass. It is an annual weed that forms small mounds about 3 to 8 inches in diameter and produces small, delicate, daisy-like white to pink flowers in the spring. It is an annual weed that emerges in mid-to-late summer and completes its life cycle the following spring. Before it dies it produces thousands of seeds that germinate later in the summer. 

3. Wild Violets

These flowering weeds are notable for the extensive root system that lets them spread quickly. You can recognize them by their waxy leaves and small purple flowers. They often grow in thick mats, covering entire lawns and depriving the grass beneath of vital sun and air.

4. Henbit

Unfortunately, weeds aren't just a warm-weather issue. You can recognize it by its square-shaped stems and slender pink flowers. A single plant can grow from 12 to 16 inches in height. Henbit invades lawns quickly thanks to its fast-growing roots.


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