If you’re a gamer, you know how easy it is to fall into the zone as you take over the controls. But while you become a champion in the game, you might be straining muscles and joints in the neck. Fortunately, you don’t have to power off your system to prevent these problems. Instead, you can follow these tips to prevent neck pain during gameplay.

5 Ways to Prevent Neck Pain While Playing Video Games

1. Power Up Your Posture

From leaning in toward the screen during a battle to slouching on the couch as you level up, many gaming positions cause neck tension and discomfort. If you find yourself adopting a bad posture, adjust your seating position so that both feet remain on the floor, your arms and shoulders are relaxed, and your back is supporting the natural curve of your spine.

2. Add Stretching to Your Skill Set

Even if you keep a supportive posture, holding your neck in the same position for a long time causes your muscles to become stiff. To maintain spinal flexibility, pause and stretch out your neck frequently—such as every time you save or hit a load screen.

3. Adjust Your Point of View

neck painWhether you’re playing on a computer or a TV, you should adjust your monitor so that you don’t have to tilt your chin up or down to see. Instead, the screen should be placed at a height where your head remains straight.

4. Train in Real Life

As you train to beat the video game, you should also keep your physical body in top shape. Regular cardio will help improve circulation to minimize neck pain and stimulate tissue healing. Strength training with exercises that target the shoulders and upper back also makes your muscles more resistant to damage and fatigue.

5. Customize Your Chair

Before you start adding gear to your in-game inventory, you should equip your chair with support to take the stress of your body. Cervical pillows and lumbar support pads, for instance, will help keep you from accidentally slipping into a bad posture that throws your neck out of alignment.


While these tricks can help your neck stand up to the demands of the gaming experience, there may be times when you need professional treatment to relieve chronic or severe muscle pain. West Chiropractic Clinic offers comprehensive, holistic therapies to address musculoskeletal conditions—including neck pain. Based on the Kenai Peninsula, this chiropractor offers everything from massage therapy to spinal adjustments to deliver gentle, customized care. Visit this practice online to learn more about the services they offer, and call the Soldotna, AK, office at (907) 262-9171 to schedule a consultation.