Drug rehabilitation facilities are supposed to offer treatment and hope to those struggling with chemical addictions. Unfortunately, some providers fail to prioritize the safety of their patients, which can lead to deaths that could have been prevented. If your loved one passed away under the care of a drug rehab center, you likely have questions about how a wrongful death suit can provide the means for holding the liable parties accountable.

What to Know About Avoidable Deaths in Drug Rehab Centers

What causes the most fatalities in drug rehabilitation facilities?

Many facilities prescribe prescription medications to help patients detoxify their systems or overcome withdrawal symptoms. While these medications are safe to use as directed, some employees don’t exercise the care necessary to prevent accidental overdoses.

Patients may take too much medication at once or bring illicit substances into the facility that can cause overdoses when combined with medication. In some cases, staff may administer too much medication or fail to ensure it’s taken correctly.

Who can be held liable for the death of a patient?

wrongful death

While some patient deaths are unavoidable, many can be linked to a care provider’s carelessness or negligence. In these situations, the patient’s family members may be able to take legal action against the facility, the doctor or nurse, and individual staff members. If the fatal dose was caused by a pharmacy error, your attorney may be able to hold the pharmacist and their staff liable.

What damages can I collect from the negligent parties?

Putting a dollar amount on the life of a loved one may seem impossible, but the law does give survivors the right to collect a range of damages. A wrongful death settlement should cover monetary losses like medical expenses and burial costs. However, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for their future lost earnings, the trauma they experienced before passing away, and the impact of their loss on your life.

Can outpatient facilities be held legally responsible for a death?

Outpatient treatment programs allow patients to return home and come in for treatment. However, this arrangement doesn’t relieve them of their legal responsibilities to their patients. In fact, outpatient facilities should generally take even more care to protect their patients by ensuring they receive the correct dosage or only take medication on the premises.


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