The MTA is responsible for the safety of the millions of passengers who use New York City’s subways, buses, and facilities every day. Snow and ice buildup on stairs, puddles accumulating on subway platforms, or broken bus seats can all pose a serious risk of personal injury with potentially life-changing consequences. Knowing your rights and having a lawyer guide you through the process of filing a claim can help ensure you’re fairly compensated for your losses.

When Is the MTA Responsible for Personal Injuries?

The “Reasonable Person” Standard

While the MTA is legally obligated to provide a safe environment for everyone with a right to be there, they’re not automatically liable for any accidents that occur on their property. In New York, you can only file a claim if a reasonable person could have predicted the risk of harm. For instance, icy stairs are an obvious hazard, and passengers may slip and fall even if they’re extremely careful. Freak accidents that no one could have predicted, like a sudden equipment failure, may not provide grounds for a personal injury claim.

Filing a Claim Against the MTA

personal injuryThe MTA has an established process for dealing with personal injury claims, but the system can be confusing if you’re approaching it on your own. In addition to proving that the MTA’s negligence resulted in your injuries, you’ll also have to provide evidence of your injuries and an estimate of your total damages. In New York City, you only have 90 days to file your initial claim, so waiting until you’ve fully recovered may threaten your chances of receiving any compensation at all. A skilled personal injury attorney who understands the system will take the stress out of filing the claim and ensure you’re fairly compensated for your losses.


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