If you have a senior loved one in your life, it’s crucial to learn about the signs of financial abuse. This unfortunate occurrence refers to situations in which vulnerable, elderly individuals are coerced or pressured into giving money away against their wishes. The following guide outlines a few common warning signs to be aware of, so you can work with an attorney to recover your loved one’s property as soon as possible.

A Guide to Financial Abuse

1. Unusual Money Allotment

You likely have a sense for what your loved one’s spending habits are like. As such, it should be easy to notice if their actions change suddenly. For example, if they were always diligent about budgeting and saving, but now seem to lack resources out of nowhere, financial abuse might be to blame.

2. Missing Possessions

attorneyIf your loved one is missing items, especially those that have significant monetary value, it might be because an outside party is abusing their finances. These items are being stolen by a caretaker, or your loved one could be selling valuables to make up for lost money elsewhere. It’s also possible that a caretaker is accepting “gifts” from your family member, even though the senior isn’t in a sound mental state to understand what they’re giving away.

3. Changes in Demeanor

Sudden and unexpected changes in mood or personality is another hallmark symptom attorneys watch for to indicate any kind of abuse. If your loved one is being extorted, it could pose significant stress, leaving them feeling anxious, depressed, and isolated.


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