If you were recently hurt in an accident due to the recklessness or negligence of another person, you might be looking for ways to take legal action against them. Hiring a personal injury attorney is the next step to take. Before your first consultation, take the following actions to ensure your meeting is a success. 

How to Prepare for a Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney

1. Create an Outline

In order for your attorney to create the most effective case on your behalf, they need to have a full understanding of the events that took place. Before your first meeting, right down, in as much detail as possible, exactly what happened at the time you were injured.

Important facts to note include the date, time of the accident, order of events, names of any eyewitnesses, and notable commentary that helps to demonstrate the other party's liability.

2. Gather Evidence

personal injury attorneyWhen it comes to personal injury law, the burden of proof falls on the person who is seeking damages. As such, you and your attorney must have a wide arsenal of evidence. This might include photographs or video footage from the time of the accident, cell phone records, pieces of debris that were involved in the incident, or statements from eyewitnesses.

3. Inventory Your Damages

Part of your personal injury attorney’s job is to determine what your case is worth. To do this, they’ll need to garner a sense of what the accident has already cost you and will cost you in the future.

Before your meeting, gather any medical bills, proof of loss of income, travel expenses, or receipts of equipment purchases associated with the accident and your injury.


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