If you’re not experiencing any sharp, shooting pains, you might want to simply stay home and rest after a personal injury. However, seeing a doctor could significantly improve the outcome of your case. Here’s why it’s crucial to make an appointment and what you can expect from the visit.

Why You Should See a Doctor After a Personal Injury

In some cases, serious injuries may not reveal themselves until a few days after the incident. This may be caused by the adrenaline rush of your fall or collision, or simply because the injury sets in gradually.

For example, right after your accident, you may notice minor aches and assume that an ice pack and ibuprofen are all you need. However, these could be the initial signs of serious injuries, like a concussion, whiplash, or a slipped disc.

Seeing a professional health care provider will also ensure that your injuries or symptoms are officially documented. This way, if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll have evidence that the accident caused physical damages and that a medical expert diagnosed them. Your doctor can also offer testimony on the severity of the injuries and how long it took you to recover.

What to Expect From the Appointment

Personal injuryIf you haven’t already visited one, your attorney will recommend seeing a doctor or specialist that has experience with your specific injury. For example, if you broke a bone, you might be taken to an orthopedist.

To ensure you receive the best care, explain the nature of the accident to your health care provider. They might be able to look for injuries that you weren’t aware of, such as internal bleeding, or those that developed as a result of the main injury—such as muscle spasms around a slipped disc.

The doctor will create a medical report based on your explanation of your symptoms and their own observations. This medical report can be used by your attorney to prove the validity of your injuries and your willingness to seek treatment.


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