Automatic gate openers provide homeowners around the country with extra peace of mind. Unlike chains and locks that can be broken, automatic gates cannot be breached by anyone without the opener device or code. Below, review some of the most popular gate opener options before talking to your local locksmith about your security needs.

4 Automatic Gate Opener Options to Consider

1. Underground Motor

An underground motor connects to the bottom of the gate using its drive arm. Its location doesn’t impact the entryway’s appearance. However, the relative complexity of the installation and the need for protective casing makes the motor more expensive than other opener selections. They work best with wooden or metal singles and paired with swinging gates.

2. Worm-Driven Gate Opener

gate openersMore commonly known as above ground or linear rams, these openers attach to single and paired swinging gate posts made of metal or wood. Unlike their underground counterparts, they are easy to install and work well on larger, heavier gates. Underground motors may not have the reach to open heavy gate materials. It’s also possible to increase above ground motor power to open heavier gates efficiently.

3. Articulated Arm

While linear ram motors use straight arms to open and close metal and wooden gates, articulated arms rely on hinges to perform their duties. Articulated arms are a versatile choice and are able to extend around wide objects. They offer ideal solutions for gates with sizable pillars. They also accommodate small gates easily.

4. Sliding Motor

Sliding motors use teeth and cogs to open and close metal gates and require pairing with a cantilever, roller guide, or track mechanisms to operate. Cantilever sliding gates are used in lieu of tracks due to incline reasons, while guide tracks and rollers are installed on flat ground. Sliding gates are typically used on commercial properties. However, you may need to consider this option depending on the width of your driveway or other property size issues. 


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