When the summer heat really kicks in, the best way to stay comfortable is by cooling the home with your air conditioning system. While it does help, it also results in much higher utility bills. The AC installation is one of the biggest energy-using appliances for homeowners, but you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to keep it affordable.

How to Make Your Air Conditioning More Efficient

1. Replace Air Filters

Through its normal usage, the air conditioning system’s air filters absorb dust, dirt, and allergens; this forces the system to use more energy than it should. To avoid high bills, an easy HVAC maintenance tip is to replace them at least every 90 days.

2. Clean the Condenser

A dirty condenser doesn’t allow for maximized airflow and makes the system less efficient. To counteract this, clear out the space of debris in a two-foot radius, and clean out the fins by running a butter knife through them to straighten them out and blowing condensed air from the inside out. This clears any blockages and allows the condenser to operate more efficiently.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

Air ConditioningA smart thermostat gives you more control over the system and allows you to program it more intelligently. Rather than running the air conditioning all day, even if you’re not at home, this gives you the ability to schedule it only when it’s needed and eliminates wasteful usage.

4. Ensure Proper Sealing

Improperly sealed windows and doors allow the cool air to escape the home and force the AC to operate continually and waste money. If you notice that it is running constantly, replace the weather stripping on all doors that lead outside, and replace the seals on windows if there is moisture buildup between the two panes of glass.

5. Block Out the Sun

You can prevent the HVAC system from running excessively by keeping the home naturally cool. Using blackout curtains and blinds to prevent the sunlight from coming through the windows reduces the overall heat entering the home by up to 80%. This means the cooling system doesn’t have to run as long or as often.


Another key to keeping your air conditioning operating as efficiently as possible is by scheduling any necessary air conditioner repairs that are needed, and the experts at Stewart Air Conditioning & Heating in Nicholasville, KY can help. Their team of certified technicians are highly trained and use only the latest technology to provide professional AC and furnace repairs, and they will quickly and reliably ensure that your system is set to keep you cool and save you money. Schedule an appointment by calling (859) 252-4945 or learn more online.