Winter is on its way, and that means more than snow and seasonal holidays. It also means cold temperatures, so it is important to have your furnace in working order. By making sure it is ready to go, you reduce the chance you’ll need furnace repairs and end up without heat on a chilly night.

3 Steps to Prepare a Furnace for Winter

1. Switch Your Thermostat

You don’t have to get a new thermostat with every system, nor do you have to wait for a new system installation to upgrade your thermostat. If you upgrade to a thermostat you can program, you can control the flow of heat to your house based on the time of day. This helps if you want to have the house warm when you get home from work, but don’t want to run it the entire time you’re gone.

furnace repairProgrammable thermostats are cost-effective and require no internet connection. Smart thermostats can be controlled via your computer or smartphone, though not every model is compatible with every furnace. Consult the manufacturer for questions about compatibility. 

2. Replace Your Filters

Furnace filters impact your unit’s ability to heat the area and affect its life span. Filters catch dust and debris. However, heat has a hard time traveling through dirty filters. As a result, the furnace may need to work harder to heat the area.

Old filters may be caked with debris to the point that cleaning them won’t fix the problem. This can lead to higher energy bills and even furnace repairs. Replace your filters before using your furnace for the first time this season.

3. Get an Inspection

A technician will check the furnace for any blockage in the vents and any signs of dust accumulation on the blower wheel. They may lubricate the motor to reduce friction and overheating, as well as examine the belts for any signs of cracking. The professional will also check for any damaged wires or corrosion on the electrical connections. 


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