R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon®, has been used in air conditioning units for several years. Despite its effectiveness as a refrigerant, the gas has since been deemed so harmful for the environment that it will no longer be manufactured after 2020. This impending ban has left homeowners with many questions and concerns regarding the future of their AC equipment. 

Why Is R-22 Being Banned?

R-22 is categorized as a greenhouse gas. These retain heat within the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change and negatively affects eco-systems around the world. R-22 is a fluorinated gas, which makes it extremely potent. Even though they’re not as ubiquitous as other greenhouse gases, their high potency makes them very damaging. 

air conditioningIt’s recommended that other, less harmful gases take the place of R-22 in air conditioners. This includes R-410A, which doesn’t impact the ozone in the same manner as Freon. It does influence the climate, however. 

What Will Happen to My Air Conditioning Unit?

Owners of units that use R-22 are under no obligation to replace their equipment, nor are they required to discontinue the use of their AC. However, the limited supply of this refrigerant will pose issues. Scarcity will cause R-22 to grow higher in price, which makes it difficult to refill when needed, such as when a leak occurs. Also, once the supply is depleted, homeowners can’t repair these units. 

In this case, having a new unit installed in your home makes the most sense if you're currently using Freon. Along with preventing snags due to the ban, it will also ensure your equipment functions properly for years to come. Newer equipment also tends to be more energy-efficient, which decreases costs even further. 


If you’re concerned about the upcoming ban, it might be time to consider replacing your existing AC unit. When you’re ready to take the leap, Stewart Air Conditioning & Heating is here to answer your questions. After installing your new cooling equipment, they’ll also perform regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and prevent your energy bills from increasing. Call (859) 252-4945 to schedule an appointment in Nicholasville, KY. You can also visit them online for more information on air conditioning services.