If you’ve ever taken a close look at the pipe coming from your air conditioning unit, you may have noticed a buildup of ice. While this can occur on the unit’s refrigerant lines, it’s never normal and almost always warrants the help of a professional. Here’s why the issue develops and what can be done to prevent or fix it.

Restricted Airflow

Your AC system’s evaporator coil takes warm, outside air and cools it using refrigerant. It can then enter and cool the home. Yet, if warm air isn’t passing through the evaporator coil at a sufficient rate, there won’t be enough heat for the refrigerant to absorb. It will become too cold, freezing up the refrigerant line.

air conditioningThis restricted airflow across the evaporator coil can occur for several reasons. For one, your air filter could be clogged with dust, pet dander, and other contaminants. Fortunately, the fix is simple: replace your air filter, and consider changing it at monthly intervals to prevent the issue from recurring.

If the problem persists, however, it could be a result of problems with the blower fan, air vents, evaporator coil, or air ducts. In such cases, professional help will be needed to repair or replace these intricate components.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If your AC unit doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant levels, pressure in the system can decrease, causing the temperature of the refrigerant to drop as well. Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant flows through the system in a closed loop. Thus, if you’re losing refrigerant, it means there’s a leak somewhere.

In addition to ice buildup along the system’s refrigerant lines, you might also notice a spike in electric bills and a weakened output from your cooling system. Because refrigerant is a toxic chemical, it’s essential to enlist the help of an expert to pinpoint and address the source of the leak.


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