There are a lot of considerations while planning your home renovation, and your heating and air conditioning system is something that you don’t want to overlook. The changes to your home can impact the system in a few ways. You should design your renovations accordingly and plan some HVAC maintenance for after the construction is finished.

The Impact of Renovations on Your Heating & Air Conditioning

1. Load Capacity Interference

If your renovations involve adding onto your home, you are creating more space that the system must heat or cool. Each system has a maximum capacity, or the total amount of conditioned air they can produce.

Your system was likely installed with the size of your current home in mind, so check whether it can handle the extra space. You may need to replace the unit or add an independent system in the new room.  

2. Layout Interference

air conditioningA central heating and air conditioning system has ducts and vents throughout the entire home. As you make changes to your layout, the current configuration of vents and ducts may get in the way.

The changing floor plan may also mean the current layout will create an uneven temperature inside the house. It is possible to move or add vents, so your general contractor can tell you what will need to be moved and where.

3. Kicked Up Dust

Construction kicks up a lot of dust. Your contractor can limit the amount of debris that gets inside the ducts by covering your vents, but as they are working on the area, dust will likely get inside.

This clogs up the air filters and dirties your ducts, which will be blown out into the home when you turn your system on. Schedule a duct cleaning after the construction is finished and replace all the air filters.


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