Most furnaces rely on filters to provide even and reliable air distribution. When these important devices are worn or damaged, your home or business won’t have comfortable interior temperatures. Here’s what you need to know about the filters and how they can help minimize furnace repairs

What Is a Furnace Filter?

This is typically square-shaped and is composed of interwoven, fine fibers that are designed to capture dust, pet dander, pollen and other air pollutants. Depending on your furnace repair and maintenance manual, the filter is placed in a slot on the appliance facing away from the return duct that channels air to heat or cool your home. 

furnace repairsOnce in place, a filter allows air to be pulled in from the furnace’s return ducts. After the air is warmed over the heat exchanger, it is pushed out by the appliance blower fan over air ducts. This repeated cycle of movement allows air to distribute throughout your entire home. While the furnace is running, the filter catches debris in the air and prevents it from being recirculated. 

Why Should Filters Be Changed Regularly?

Over time, a filter can get clogged and may prevent a furnace from working properly. To avoid costly furnace repairs, the device should be changed once a month so that your heating and cooling system doesn’t operate harder than needed.

This can raise your energy bills and trigger expensive furnace repairs. Dirty filters should also be changed regularly to keep other furnace parts in good working condition and help extend the unit’s life span. Ducts, the blower fan, and other components rely on clean filters to do their respective jobs to keep your home comfortable. 


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