Depression can often drain energy and motivation, so it can be difficult to accomplish daily tasks, let alone get out and exercise. However, with the right approach and the help of psychiatry services, working out doesn’t have to be a struggle. Use the tips below to stay fit and promote better overall health. 

How to Stay Active When You Have Depression

1. Set Realistic Goals

The idea of starting to exercise can feel overwhelming, especially when basing expectations on the people seen at the gym or on social media. Avoid setting lofty goals that set you up for failure. Right now, the focus should be on staying motivated. Meeting achievable goals can be a personal victory that keeps you going.

2. Ease Into It

Jumping into intense activity when you’re not accustomed to it is not sustainable and only increases the chances of quitting. Always work your way up to allow the body and mind to adjust. Start small when beginning to exercise. Do some light stretching and yoga when waking up, and work in a few jumping jacks and squats while watching TV. 

3. Try Something Enjoyable


There isn’t much incentive to work out if you aren’t doing something you like. In fact, it can feel like another impossible task. Pick an activity that excites you, such as swimming, dancing, or riding a bike. When the workout is tailored to personal interests, it won’t feel like a chore. Instead, it will help one stay in shape while having fun.

4. Find an Exercise Buddy or Group

It can feel easier to gain motivation when other people hold you accountable. Ask a friend or family member to join you during workout sessions. Alternatively, sign up for a fitness class at the gym. Look for a group that focuses on building up confidence and celebrating the accomplishments of every member.

5. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

With depression, many often forget their accomplishments and focus on negative thoughts and missed goals. Therefore, write down every achievement you make. It may seem trivial, but keeping a record reminds you that you are making progress. These moments of triumph can provide the inspiration needed to keep exercising.


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