Winter poses a set of problems for your septic system that you may not experience at other times of the year. From freezing temperatures to increased usage, winter is not always kind to septic tanks. With the cold weather approaching, here are three common septic issues you should be aware of and what you can do to prevent them. 

3 Septic System Concerns for Winter

1. Frozen Parts 

During the colder months, your septic system is susceptible to falling temperatures. Pipes may freeze, prohibiting drainage and leading to clogs and ruptures. In some cases, an entire system may freeze. The metabolic rate of bacteria slows when a tank freezes, and your system may overload.

Septic systems are more likely to freeze if they aren’t in use. As a consequence, run water in your home daily. Also, try to insulate your tank from the cold. Grass and ground covers help keep tanks warm, but you should increase insulation by laying straw, leaves, or a blanket over the tank and leach field. 

2. Extra Usage

septic systemDuring the holidays, your system may take on extra work when family and friends visit. From more showers and toilet usage to increased kitchen and garbage disposal use, your household will produce more wastewater.

To prevent clogs, talk to your guests about what they can and can’t flush, and stagger laundry and dishwasher loads rather than operating both appliances at once. 

3. Frozen Ground

It’s harder to inspect, pump, and repair septic systems when the ground is frozen. Schedule any required maintenance or cleaning before the cold hits. Pumping, in particular, should be scheduled when the weather is warm.


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