3 Easy and FREE Ways To Get Cardio!

Twenty to thirty minutes a day, five days a week – that is the Department of Health and Human Services recommendation for exercise. For some of us, that is an easily obtainable goal and for others, not so much. Whether you think you don’t have the time or don’t want to go to the gym five days a week, here a few ideas to get you moving!


  1. Walking:

There are several benefits to walking: helps boost your mood, helps you sleep, reduces your risk of diabetes, helps ease joint pain and helps keep your mind sharp. If you live a state like Minnesota, you might be saying to yourself, I can’t walk year round due to weather or I don’t want to pay a for a gym membership to walk. Well, you are in luck because states like Minnesota typically have a few indoor malls which are great for walking!

Mall walking is a great way to get exercise! There are several benefits to mall walking: it’s free, you are inside on a safe terrain, you can do it all year long, you’re in a weather controlled environment, you’ll find out about the good sales before your friends, and you can walk just about any time of the day. Many malls having walking groups that you can join. Look up your local mall and join a walking group today!


  1. Free Work out Videos:

Did you know you can get free work out videos? We recommend looking on YouTube, on demand with your cable TV, or at your local library for DVDs. If you type in exercise videos into the You Tube search bar, you come across a wide assortment of videos. They have everything from Zumba Dance Workout to 1.0 mile Happy Walk to a 10 minute yoga workout for low back pain. There appears to be a little bit of everything available. YouTube is a great resource for free exercise videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. You can also get more detailed in your search – “exercise video for back pain,” brings up several different videos, everything from 7 Simple Core Exercises to How to Strengthen Your Lower Back.


  1. Change your routine:

There are several daily things you can do to increase your cardio without going to the gym! When you go to the grocery store, park a few spots further away from the entrance than you normally would. When you have the option to take an elevator or escalator, choose the stairs instead. When you take your lunch break at work, take the long way to get your lunch. The next time you get gas, don’t pay at the pump, and instead walk into the store to pay. These are all minor daily changes that can help you increase your cardio!


Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. 

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