When getting a new motorcycle, you want to try it out as soon as possible. It’s exciting to learn how to ride one, but as a beginner, you should be aware of how to stay safe before you go out on the road. With the following tips and motorcycle insurance, you’ll be ready to go. 

How to Safely Ride a Motorcycle

1. Dress Appropriately

Wear a helmet with a faceguard or visor when riding the motorcycle. It can protect you from serious head injuries during an accident, and the guard or visor will block the wind, bugs, and debris.

motorcycle insuranceBoots, gloves, long pants, and leather clothes can also protect you from road rash and wind chill. Consider wearing bright colors or reflective tape so that drivers spot you easily.

2. Take Care of the Bike

Before riding, make sure that the brakes feel firm, the chain is attached, the mirrors are clean and straight, the throttle snaps, and the lights and horn are working. If the tires are deflated, fill them up with air, or replace them if the treads are worn down. Replenish the hydraulic and coolant fluids weekly, and get leaks fixed immediately. 

An annual visit to a mechanic for inspection and maintenance is smart, too. Regular work will help you stay safe and keep your motorcycle insurance rates low.

3. Be Alert

A motorcycle is smaller and harder to notice than cars and trucks, so always drive defensively and assume that no one can see you. You’re also more likely to be hurt by road hazards, so be especially diligent in avoiding potholes, sand, rocks, water, and wet leaves. If you’re sleepy or drunk, don’t ride the bike at all.

4. Consider the Weather

Whenever possible, avoid riding the bike when it’s raining, snowing, or hailing. Precipitation makes the roads trickier to see and navigate, and strong winds can push you over. If you must go out, drive slowly.

5. Know and Obey Laws

It’s important to know and respect the speed limit for safety. Take courses by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to stay informed about driving laws and how to avoid getting hurt on the road. These classes can also lower motorcycle insurance rates.


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