The crystal-clear sound you get at a concert or a movie theater makes what you’re watching much more memorable; however, you can’t always attend a concert or a movie. Luckily, you can replicate the same crisp sound quality within the comfort of your own house with a home theater sound system. So, below are three major considerations before you install and purchase a system.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Home Theater Sound System?

1. System Type

You’ll likely choose between a 5.1 and 7.1 configuration. The 5.1 system has three different sets of speakers: three speakers close to the television, two surround-sound speakers to the left and right of the viewers, or a subwoofer for low-frequency sounds. The 7.1 system has the same three sets of speakers, but also has two additional speakers next to the viewers. Due to the extra surround speakers, 7.1 systems are recommended for rooms that are larger and deeper. 

2. Amplifier Capabilities 

The amplifier, also known as the receiver, accepts the audio from DVD players, Blu-ray players, DVRs, and other devices. To provide quality audio, the amplifier is required to send its information to a minimum of five satellite speakers if you have the 5.1 configuration and more for the 7.1 system. You’ll also want an amplifier with a few HDMI inputs for devices you’ll want to hook up to it, such as an iPod®. 

3. Wattage & Speakers

The size of the room will dictate how much audio wattage is needed. You don’t want to set up an entire home theater system only to realize the speakers aren’t able to transmit enough sound throughout the room. Audio output starts at 50 watts, which is ideal for smaller rooms and increases up to 150 watts and greater for larger spaces. Consult a sound system professional to determine which speakers and wattage are best for the theater’s square footage.


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