Mold and asbestos are two health hazards that should be removed and handled by the professionals. But what is the difference? The mold removal experts from EMET Environmeteo Services are here to explain the difference between these two dangers and the problems they pose.

Mold is a fungus that can be found growing on any surface. There are thousands of different species of mold, and they can survive in a variety of environments. The mold that causes the most concern is black mold or toxic mold. This variety is commonly found on drywall, wood, or wallpaper.

Asbestos, on the other hand, is a product that was used in construction for things such as insulation and paint. This fibrous material causes trouble when it begins to deteriorate and particles float through the air like dust. Breathing in this dust is harmful to your health.

mold removal

Depending on your length of exposure, mold causes flu and allergy symptoms such as coughing or fever. Asbestos exposure causes more severe effects such as chest and abdominal cancers and lung diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

While mold is found in nature and cannot be eliminated completely, it can be controlled by mold removal professionals who will also take steps to prevent further mold growth. Asbestos has been banned completely from construction, but older buildings should be checked for it. If present, it should be removed.

EMET Environmeteo Services is Hawaii’s leading company for mold and asbestos testing. Their services extend to lead paint testing as well as air quality monitoring, ensuring that their clients’ environments are as safe as possible from any health hazards. Their detailed inspections guarantee that your home or office is clear of dangerous elements that could affect your health. For more information on their mold removal and asbestos testing services, visit them online, or call (808) 671-8383.