Whether your car won't start in the morning or it breaks down on your way home from work in the evening, you need a reputable towing company. While it might be tempting to try and handle it yourself, hiring a professional will offer the following benefits. 

Why You Should Always Use a Professional Towing Company 

1. Proper Handling

During both loading and the subsequent towing, vehicles must be handled with care. If they're not secured properly, they can incur more damage en route. By turning to a seasoned professional, you'll have peace of mind knowing your car is in good hands and will make it to the mechanic's shop safely. 


2. Convenience

When relying on a friend for towing, you have no choice but to work around their schedule. Reliable towing companies, on the other hand, are available 24/7, and they'll work around your schedule. While the time it takes for them to reach you will depend on precisely where you broke down, you shouldn't have to wait too long for the tow. 

3. Experience 

Loading a vehicle onto a tow truck is a challenging job. Different makes and models are secured in different ways because of their unique configurations. Thankfully, licensed technicians are familiar with all the most common kinds of vehicles, so they can load and secure cars, trucks, and SUVs in record time. 


The next time you need a tow or roadside assistance, you can count on C. L. Chase 24 Hour Towing & Recovery. Founded in 1968 in Camp Douglas, WI, this reliable company serves motorists in Eau Claire and Wisconsin Rapids, as well as across La Crosse, Jackson, Adams, Vernon, and Chippewa counties. With a commitment to getting clients back on the road ASAP, they maintain a massive salvage yard—the largest in the Midwest—so they have even the most obscure replacement parts available. To schedule a tow, call (608) 427-6734.