Rock climbing and bouldering are great exercises for any adventurous fitness lover, but there are some notable differences you should be aware of before unleashing your inner thrill seeker. Volcanic Rock Gym in Kailua, HI, is the only indoor rock climbing gym on the island, and it has become a go-to spot for people of all ages seeking an alternative form of fun and exercise.

What makes Volcanic Rock Gym so unique is their 30-foot rock climbing wall,12 foot- top out bouldering wall, and a 15-foot bouldering wall, that are perfect to experiment with rock climbing, bouldering, and indoor cave climbing. But what are the differences between rock climbing and bouldering that you should be aware of before strapping on your climbing shoes?

Rock Climbing

rock-climbingRock climbing is an activity in which participants climb rock formations using special equipment for safety, such as ropes, cords, and webbing to prevent falling. The goal of rock climbing is usually to reach the summit or a predetermined end location. Rock climbing combines strength training, endurance, and stamina to complete climbing routes of various levels of difficulty. Indoor rock climbing walls are what many climbers train on to improve their skills and strength.


Bouldering is a type of rock climbing where the climber does not use ropes or harnesses. Common equipment associated with bouldering includes climbing shoes to help assure footing and chalk to improve grip. Unlike free climbing, however, bouldering is usually executed on paths that are less than 20 feet high. Indoor bouldering walls like those at Volcanic Rock Gym are an ideal training ground for individuals to practice inside without natural boulders. If you’re interested in taking your bouldering outside, is a great resource for finding the perfect location to climb, wherever you are in Hawaii.

Find out why rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts alike keep coming back to Volcanic Rock Gym. Call (808) 397-0095 or visit them online to learn about their affordable rates and to get climbing.